Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Makeup Artist For Your Wedding

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Beautiful bridal eye makeup by Beauty By Billie Jo


Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Makeup Artist For Your Wedding

1. Be Stress Free, Be Happy

On such an important day as your wedding you can be nervous and stressed.  Applying makeup takes a lot of patience that you may not have on your wedding day.  The stress leading up to the big day could leave you with breakouts that are hard to conceal. Leave it to your professional makeup artist to be there, completely calm and capable. As a professional makeup artist I can get you ready in a timely manner, and also make you look incredible. Getting pampered is so much more relaxing and so much better for a day that is supposed to be all about you!

2.  Makeup That Shows Up

You’ve heard it before:  makeup shows up differently in photos than it does to the naked eye.  It is important to wear more than you would on a daily basis, but it must be applied correctly to avoid a clownish or overly theatrical appearance.  The balance of how much product to use vs. how to apply it is crucial and as a makeup artist with experience I know exactly what to do.  While each bride’s request is different (some like it natural, others like a more dramatic look) each will be done perfectly so that it looks great for the camera.

3.  Photos To Last A Lifetime

Photography is one of the biggest and most important investments on your wedding day.  Looking your absolute best for the camera will make your photos look so much better.  If you feel great, you will look great and vice versa!

4.  I Can Give The Best Look For YOU

As a professional makeup artist I have seen it all: good skin, bad skin, dry skin, oily skin.  Best of all, I know how to make you look flawless no matter what your skin condition may be.  I know how to create your makeup to look perfect for your face, blending blush in the right place, contouring for your face shape, and choosing the best way to layer eye makeup for your eye shape.  All those little details that would just stress you out to do yourself…I’ve got that taken care of for you.

5.  I Have The Right Product And Then Some

I use tried and true professional products that have worked over and over to keep my brides looking effortlessly beautiful for their entire day.  There would be nothing worse than falling apart at your own wedding with makeup that doesn’t stay.  When you hire me as your professional makeup artist you will have makeup that will last all day and night.