January Allure Sample Society

The favorite part of my very cold, blustery winter day was when the UPS driver rang my doorbell and handed me my Allure Sample Society beauty box.  Sure, I felt bad for him considering the temps are -20 with the windchill but there’s no better day to get a box full of beauty samples than a day when your stuck inside.  I couldn’t wait to get that little red box opened and see what was in store for me this month.


Once I opened this beautiful box I was pleasantly surprised to see 6 items that I haven’t tried out yet.  That’s a big deal for a self proclaimed makeup and skin care junkie like myself.  What I really like about the Allure Sample Society beauty box is most of the samples they give you are higher end products and if you are anything like me, you want to sample something before you hand over the big bucks for it.  Also, it comes with a really nice booklet that tells you what is in your box, how to use the product, what the product costs and what the editors at Allure liked about them.

I’m excited to try the skin care products but I’m not thrilled about the nail polish.  Maybe it’s because I like to keep my fingernails neutral or because I am addicted to the gel nail polish if I paint my fingernails.  Whatever the reason I could care less about the nail polish.  I did try the Revlon Photoready Eye Art and it isn’t my favorite either.  It left my eye feeling a little stiff.  I think it dries to an almost crispy feeling.  Definitely something I’ll be giving to my neighbors daughters to play with.  So, that leaves me with 4 products I have yet to try.  At $15.00 a month is it worth it?  I’m not sure.  Maybe not this month for me but it may be for you.

I can’t forget to mention that you get a $10.00 coupon emailed to you every month redeemable at beautybar.com.  So, if there’s something in the box that you just can’t live without you can order it!