What To Do With All That Kohls Cash

kohls cash

Have you been back to school shopping?  Do you have Kohl’s cash burning a hole in your pocket?  Always unsure of what to spend your Kohl’s cash on?  Do you love beauty products?  Well, you’re in luck.  I’m going to tell you all the beauty products that I think are a great thing to spend that hard earned cash on!

If you haven’t noticed Kohl’s recently revamped their beauty section to include different cosmetics lines considered “prestige” brands.  These cosmetic brands are not included in the percentage off coupons but you can use your Kohl’s cash toward the purchase of these items.

Right now my absolute favorite product in the prestige isle is the PUR Cosmetics Eye Polish.  It comes packaged in a jar and is wet to the touch.  It dries very quickly and once dried it doesn’t budge.  It comes in 6 different colors and costs $26 per jar.  The colors are all shimmer and some even have a touch of glitter in them.  My favorite colors are Satin, Silk and Cashmere.  Colors shown below left to right are: Satin, Silk, Cashmere, Caviar and Velvet.







My favorite prestige brand at Kohl’s is Lorac.  Lorac has so many good products that if you spend all your cash on that brand I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed.  I am going to highlight a few of my favorites.

The Lorac Pro eye shadow palettes are a great value.  At $44 per palette you get 16 eye shadow colors which comes out to $2.75 per eye shadow.  The top row is a matte color and the bottom row is a shimmer color.  Each of them comes with the Lorac eye shadow primer.  These eye shadow colors have great pigment and if used over an eye shadow primer tend to last all day long.  Shown below left to right are the Lorac 1, Lorac 2 and Lorac 3 palettes.









Lorac lipstick is one of my all time favorites.  The pigment is gorgeous and it lasts longer than most lipsticks I’ve tried.  This set is a Kohl’s exclusive and won’t last long.  It comes in 2 colors.  CEO pictured here and Dominatrix not pictured (a rich burgundy).  Each set contains a lipstick, lipgloss and lipliner. The set costs $25 and would cost $50 if you were to buy each item individually.  2552437

The Balm is another prestige brand that I am a big fan of.  I like their products and their packaging is super cute and fun.  I particularly like their cream cheek color palette called How ‘Bout Them Apples.  The cost is $32 for six different cheek colors which individual cost would be around $5.33 each.  The colors can be sheer or opaque depending on how much color you like on your cheeks.  One layer would be a sheerer application and you could add more layers to make them more opaque.  A bonus of these is you can also use them on your lips as a lip stain.


Real Techniques is a non-prestige brand at Kohls which means you can use your percentage off coupon on any of the Real Techniques items.  I like their makeup brushes and sponges.  They are soft, clean up well and last longer than some brushes that I have paid more than double the price for.  At around $18 a set you can’t beat the price either.










Real techniques recently came out with a cleansing palette and a deep cleansing gel.  The cleansing palette is my favorite product and the deep cleansing gel does a really good job of degreasing and cleansing my makeup brushes.  The deep cleansing gel smells really nice and fresh as well.  The cleansing palette is $15 and the deep cleansing gel is $9.